We act as prime consultants or as sub consultants for the design and construction supervision of:

  • Fire Alarm systems
  • Communication systems
  • Electrical Power Systems
  • Lighting Design & Analysis
  • Structured Wiring and Data Networking systems
  • Energy Management and Power Quality Control
  • Motor control and automation
  • Instrumentation and data logging
  • Underground utilities
  • Subrogation/Insurance Investigations and reports
  • Building Evaluation and Reporting

Quality Construction Services

PWA Engineering has a unique and proven method for field services and construction administration. With the coordination of staffed, project experienced, Journeyman electricians and the continued input of the project designers, an effective and efficient means of construction administration has been developed. On-site and in-house construction services are handled knowledgeably and effectively due to the construction experience of our field staff and the good rapport that we maintain with the members of the construction industry.

Sustainable Design

PWA Engineering utilizes modern technologies and design concepts for analyzing the use of energy efficient and sustainable components to their designs. Since the inception of the Commercial Building Incentive Program (CBIP), PWA Engineering has been involved in numerous projects that were designed to meet or exceed the requirements of CBIP. As LEED projects become more and more prevalent, PWA continues to work with the LEED professionals to provide sustainable designs indicative of modern facilities.

We pride ourselves on staying current with modern technologies and utilize modern lighting control systems incorporating daylight harvesting, interconnection of lighting controls with building management systems (integrating HVAC operation with lighting controls), timers, photocells, and occupant detectors. Our lighting designs are carefully produced to ensure a quality end product without the wastefulness of over lighting, or light pollution into unwanted areas. Modern energy efficient methods of lighting are often used, such as the newer technologies of T5 fluorescent lights or LED sources.

Other areas of energy management experience include peak demand shedding and power factor correction through the use of capacitor banks. Modern, efficient methods of motor controls are also utilized where applicable, such as the use of VFD’s, VSD’s and electronic, solid state, soft starters.